We are proud to work with local organizations that help make Jackson and the valley a great place. By working with local organizations we are able to:

  • Strengthen our local economy
  • Create a strong bond between the community and local foods
  • Provide jobs for local residents
  • Support family farms by providing an additional market for local produce
  • Maintain open space by supporting family farms

Jackson Whole Grocer bag credit donation program

The Jackson Whole Grocer offers a 5-cent bag credit if you use a reusable bag at the checkout stand. You have the option of donating that credit to a local nonprofit organization – and if you do, we match every donation. To make your bag donations go farther, we donate bag credits through the annual Old Bill’s Fun Run and the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole. Funds are distributed to organizations that support wellness, local food production & sustainability, education and community.

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